A farmers' cooperative, AGRIBIO has been producing, processing and selling organic cereals from Wallonia since 2000. Its philosophy is based strictly on local distribution networks.


In existence for nearly 25 years now, Belki NV is a leading poultry slaughterhouse offering a unique range of products (organic farm chicken, cuckoo Malines chicken, maize-fed chicken, chicken dishes, etc.).

Benoît Segonds

When Benoît Segonds, an IT engineer by training, decided to risk everything and start producing bread from organic ingredients, everyone thought he was mad! But they should have known better. A Frenchman by origin, his courage and determination saw him making his venture a success.

Bij ’t bioschuurke

Here at Bij ’t bioschuurke, we guarantee that all our delicious products are organically grown. The products we sell are grown in respect of humans and nature. Our product range includes home-grown fruit and such home-made products as fruit juice and jam. 



Bister, the history of a mustard-making family dating back to 1926. Now in its third generation, the company is known for its high-quality products. 


Cédric Dumont de Chassart

Cédric Dumont de Chassart runs the Grande Cense d'Offus farm. A farmer from the cradle, he started organic farming as an essential part of his farm's economic and environmental existence.


Coprosain, is one of Belgium’s oldest organic farmers’ cooperatives. Set up in 1998 to assist the handful of organic farmers in the region, Coprosain invested in the processing and marketing of organic meat and sausage products.

Cycle en Terre

Cycle en Terre is a cooperative contributing to our food autonomy through the local organic cultivation of reproducible seeds, combined with the acquisition and sharing of knowledge and know-how promoting sustainable and innovative farming.


Operating as a cooperative, for the past 10 years Ethiquable has been run on a stringent fair trade basis, supporting smallholder farming via 49 cooperatives of small-scale producers.


Au Rayon bio is collaborating with Graapz, a platform offering baskets of unsold fruit and vegetables from shops. Directly bringing consumers and shops together, the simple and effective solution has been developed via the Graapz platform.

Graines de Curieux

Land, Farm & Men is the name of a project set up by three Belgian agronomists: Isabelle Coupienne, François Gilbert de Cauwer and Eddy Montignies.


Habeebee is a soap factory in Boitsfort run by anthropologist Alexia and pharmacist Magali, two ‘busy bees’ sharing with you their fascination for the hive, their respect for bees and their passion for high-quality care products made from the extraordinary beeswax.