De Groentelaar

De Groentelaar is an organic market gardening farm located in the Pajottenland. Respecting nature and society, it produces healthy and tasty food. The vegetables are grown in a sustainable manner, with a lot of attention paid to taste, freshness and seasonality.

Ecodal en Kestemont

Founded in 1982, Kestemont, a family-run horticultural business, offers a wide range of local organically grown fruits and vegetables.


Operating as a cooperative, for the past 10 years Ethiquable has been run on a stringent fair trade basis, supporting smallholder farming via 49 cooperatives of small-scale producers.


It was at the Marché du Midi in St-Gilles, in 2017, that the initial idea took seed in the minds of the founders of the association.
At the close of this market, huge quantities of fruit and vegetables deemed unsaleable by the merchants are thrown away.

Graines de Curieux

Land, Farm & Men is the name of a project set up by three Belgian agronomists: Isabelle Coupienne, François Gilbert de Cauwer and Eddy Montignies.


Habeebee is a soap factory in Boitsfort run by anthropologist Alexia and pharmacist Magali, two ‘busy bees’ sharing with you their fascination for the hive, their respect for bees and their passion for high-quality care products made from the extraordinary beeswax.

Huilerie Vigean

Established in 1930, VIGEAN is a small family-run French business specialised in craft organic oils. Now in the third generation, the know-how associated with craft oils is passed down from father to son.


A number of producers got together in May 2009 to create a distribution platform for organic fruit and vegetables: GPFL-Bio. Their aim: to set up a marketing organisation for local organic growers and producers.

Iris Cooperative

IRIS is a Italian agricultural cooperative located in the province of Cremona, north of Parma. From its inception in 1978, 9 young pioneers of organic farming wished to experiment with self-management.

J.J. Looze

J.J. Looze is a traditional roasting company that has been in operation for 3 generations. A true artisan when it comes to taste, its selection of great wines is accompanied by a sustainable consumption label, that of the Efico Foundation.

L'Herbier de France

La Brasserie du Renard

La Brasserie du Renard is a micro-brewery based in Grez-Doiceau in the province of Walloon Brabant. It produces high-quality craft beer from locally-grown raw materials using original recipes adapted over the years.