A farmers' cooperative, AGRIBIO has been producing, processing and selling organic cereals from Wallonia since 2000. Its philosophy is based strictly on local distribution networks. Farmers sell end products, and produce is organic, ecological and easily traceable from a health point of view, since distances are short. There are only few intermediaries and the network is centralised. 

Members of the Agribio cooperative grow hardy and disease-resistant varieties (spelt, wheat, rye and buckwheat).The grain is taken to the farm in Buzin – the Agribio headquarters – where it is dried and stored in large traditionally-built wooden barns meeting all food safety standards. There, the grain naturally – i.e. through air and sunshine – reaches the right level of humidity for it to be stored. Agribio grinds its own flour, a quality product with unique characteristics. 
In February 2011, Agribio rounded off its product range and local distribution network by setting up its own bakery. 

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