The « Garçons Maraîchers »

Take a chef with 20 years’ experience, trained in organic cultivation of vegetables. Mix him with a sound engineer, always listening to new ideas. Leave them to simmer… Some time later, you will get « Les Garçons Maraîchers », ready to please you with their products.

Jean-Philippe Gomrée and Raphael Dodgson came to think that « local » products often come from too far. On 3000 square metres of ground in Anderlecht, they are growing seasonal vegetables in original and old varieties, for chefs as well as for individual consumers. The diverse vegetables are selected according to what chefs would have loved to find in their own kitchen.

The « Garçons Maraîchers » way of growing their vegetables is organic and very little mechanised. They take care of soil life and harvest vegetables by hand at full maturity. And it’s working : they hope to be able to produce vegetables all year long… Needless to say that without heated greenhouses, this requires experiment and innovation. Definitely to be followed.

The vegetables of « Les Garçons Maraîchers » are now available at Rayon Bio. Come and discover the taste of seasonal and local vegetables.