Porc Qualité Ardennes

PQA. is a cooperative run by pig farmers in the Ardennes. It was set up in 1989 by 14 producers from the region who had diversified into the production of pork. “Born and bred” in the Ardennes, PQA is synonymous with the region, an area perfectly suited for producing top-quality pork. Now totalling some 120 farmers, our pork producers produce 3 sorts of pork, all of which are marketed by PQA: “Porc Fermier” since 1989, “Porc Plein Air” since 2003 and “Porc BIO” since 2001. 
Here are a few of the features characterising PQA pork:

•    The pigs can roam freely outside
•    All animals come from organic farms
•    100% green feed from organic farming
•    Minimum 70% of cereals in the feed
•    No antibiotics
•    No GMO
•    No meat meal, or fish meal

Organic breeding is also synonymous with animal well-being:

•    No artificial lighting in the sties
•    Clean litter
•    Free to roam around in fresh air
•    Pre-transport anti-stress measures
•    CO2 anaesthesia before slaughter