Au Rayon bio Miroir

Looking ahead to 2021, Bio Origins and Au Rayon bio have decided to join forces, setting up Au Rayon bio Miroir. While the basic offerings are similar, the larger space means that Miroir will be offering some 500 new loose products, including dozens of delicious teas.

Why organic?

In a nutshell, organic produce is good for your health and good for the environment. Organic farming avoids pesticides, artificial herbicides and GM crops. Organic is also a way of supporting producers who dare to take up forms of production other than those imposed by the major food companies.

Which products?

Priority is given to fresh vegetables and fruit. We have (nearly) everything in stock here at Au Rayon bio: Fruit - Vegetables - Bread - Flour - Cereals - Oil - Pâté - Legumes - Cheese - Coffee - Tea - Juice - Beer - Wine - Chocolates - Cleaning products - Snacks - Preserves - .... But quality fresh fruit and vegetables remain the focus.

Organic at affordable prices!

Au Rayon bio does its best to offer affordable prices for each of its product ranges, and in particular for its fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy food should not cost the earth.

Promoting zero waste

A wide range of loose products are available: cereals, rice, pasta, legumes, muesli, dried fruits, olives, olive, rapeseed and sunflower oils. And for dessert, we have a wide selection of biscuits and chocolates.
A section is also reserved for cleaning products: washing-up liquid, detergents, shower gel, liquid soap. You can either bring your own containers or use the ones made available by us. You will also find a deli counter with a wide selection of cheese and cold cuts.

Other Au Rayon bio commitments

  • We give precedence to local farms, in Belgium or neighbouring countries (as far as possible)
  • We adhere to fair trade, here and throughout the world.
    As far as possible, we promote seasonal products
  • We support citizen initiatives: we serve as a drop-off station for donations to the Citizen Platform in support of refugees, for BruZelles, the association collecting female hygiene products for homeless women, for Usitoo, the sharing platform, etc.
  • We run a currency exchange for Zinne, the citizens' currency of Brussels.

Roots - our partner store

Roots is an organic store pioneering the circular economy in Brussels. It is at the heart of two essential environmental themes: sustainable food and waste reduction.

The sort of places to drop by at, Roots and Au Rayon Bio Miroir are used by consumers aware of what is at stake environmentally. Our collaboration is driving the development of major projects: the search for new local producers, shared logistics aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, the sharing of zero waste best practices, citizen participation workshops.


Bar and snack services are currently suspended due to the health measures applying to cafés and restaurants.