Located in the warehouses of the former Taymans brewery in Jette, "au Rayon bio" offers a wide range of organic products, allowing you to shop 100% organic.

Everything's organic! The organic origin of all our products is certified by Certisys

Organic ?

Basically, for a product to be organic, it has to meet three simple criteria :

•    No synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

•    No synthetic fertilisers or sewage sludge.

•    No GMOs 

In a nutshell, organic produce is good for your health and good for the environment. Organic is also a way of supporting producers who dare to take up forms of production other than those imposed by the major food companies.

Which products?

Priority is given to fresh vegetables and fruit. We have (nearly) everything in stock here at AU RAYON BIO:  Fruit - Vegetables - Bread - Flour - Cereals - Oil - Pâté - Legumes - Cheese - Coffee - Tea - Juice - Beer - Wine - Chocolates - Cleaning products - Snacks - Preserves - ....  But quality fresh fruit and vegetables grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers remain the basis of a top-class diet.

Organic at affordable prices !

AU RAYON BIO does its best to offer affordable prices for each of its product ranges, and in particular for its fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy food should not cost the earth.

Other AU RAYON BIO commitments

•    We give precedence to local farms, in Belgium or neighbouring countries (as far as possible)

•    We adhere to fair trade, here and throughout the world

•    As far as possible, we promote seasonal products

Spend a few moments in a relaxed and pleasant environment

•    Drink a coffee, read a newspaper or finish that job on your laptop?

•    Have a soup, eat a slice of quiche for lunch on the go?

•    Or what about a little aperitif with friends after work?

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday : 10 - 19 h

Saturday : 9 - 18 h

Sunday : 9 - 16 h