A number of producers got together in May 2009 to create a distribution platform for organic fruit and vegetables: GPFL-Bio. Their aim: to set up a marketing organisation for local organic growers and producers. In the course of 2011, the organisation diversified to take in products processed from local produce. Diversification gained pace the following year in response to demand from a number of farmers and small processing companies to benefit from GPFL-Bio's logistics to place their products in local stores.

In September 2013, the group changed its name to Interbio, a name better reflecting the organisation's activities and the products it distributes.

A vision of organic produce reflecting its founding producers

For Interbio, organic food must be:

•    professionally grown,
•    modern,
•    within everybody's financial reach,
•    as local as possible,
•    while being as diversified as possible.

Interbio producers are doing everything to rediscover those forgotten yet delicious and disease-resistant varieties of the past.