The Gros Chêne cheese dairy

Daniel Cloots has had a passion for cheese for 40 years. Originally a goat breeder, he has devoted himself entirely to the production of organic cheeses since 1989, operating in the heart of the Condroz, in Méan, on the "Cheese Route". The Gros Chêne cheese dairy prioritises the human factor, adheres to its social and environmental ethics, favours local suppliers and promotes organic farming techniques among its milk producers.

With a team of ten people, it produces more than thirty different cheeses made from raw organic sheep's and cow's milk and raw goat's milk (organic or otherwise).

You'll find the following on our shelves:

- Calendroz, a semi-soft camembert made with organic cow's milk

- Pierre et Pôtre, a sheep's cheese washed with spelt beer

 - Chevrin, a goat's cheese camembert with a flowery crust

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