O green

Ogreen plants are selected for their ability to purify indoor air. Their leaves soak up and then eliminate any toxic chemical substances present in your home (substances found in building materials, furniture (adhesives), or even in mail varnish or candles).


Fair trade is an alternative form of trade allowing Third World producers to work under decent conditions and to sell the results of their work at a fair price, thereby giving them access to the resources necessary for developing their communities.


Founded in 2004, Permafungi is a cooperative located in the Tour et Taxis in Brussels. Its leading innovation is to produce organic mushrooms grown on coffee grounds ─ an ideal base ─ collected by bike from partners around Brussels.


Au Rayon bio is collaborating with Phenix, a platform offering baskets of unsold fruit and vegetables from shops. Directly bringing consumers and shops together, the simple and effective solution has been developed via the Phenix platform.

Pierre Le Maire

 Pierre Le Maire is an organic farmer from Borlez in the heart of the Hesbaye, where he runs a 75-hectare farm growing cereals and vegetables.

Porc Qualité Ardennes

PQA. is a cooperative run by pig farmers in the Ardennes. It was set up in 1989 by 14 producers from the region who had diversified into the production of pork. “Born and bred” in the Ardennes, PQA is synonymous with the region, an area perfectly suited for producing top-quality pork.

Raph and Chris

Four years ago, Chris and Raph decided to change careers and embark on this crazy adventure of organic market gardening. They needed to find meaning in their daily lives, a new lease of life. For them, organic market gardening is a form of commitment on a civic and professional level.


Semailles, an organic seed merchant founded nearly 20 years ago in 2000, is a family-run business based in Faulx-les-Tombes in the province of Namur.

The agricultural cooperative Bioilis

The agricultural cooperative Bioilis, managed by Theodoros Vassilopoulos, was founded in 2007 in the South of the Peloponnese. Today it is a grouping of 119 small producers, who all work according to the requirements of organic farming.

The Gros Chêne cheese dairy

Daniel Cloots has had a passion for cheese for 40 years. Originally a goat breeder, he has devoted himself entirely to the production of organic cheeses since 1989, operating in the heart of the Condroz, in Méan, on the "Cheese Route".

Les Garçons Maraîchers

The « Garçons Maraîchers »

Take a chef with 20 years’ experience, trained in organic cultivation of vegetables. Mix him with a sound engineer, always listening to new ideas. Leave them to simmer… Some time later, you will get « Les Garçons Maraîchers », ready to please you with their products.


Toubio is a horticultural farm growing strawberries, apples and pears. For the past 33 years, the family-run business has been growing vegetables on 35 hectares and apples and pears on 18 hectares.