Bioferme: cheese and yogurt

In 1998, FROMAGERIE DES ARDENNES, founded in 1996, bought the Bioferme cheese dairy located in Lathuy and renowned for the quality of its organic dairy products. It obtains its milk from local organic farmers in the Ardennes region (within a maximum radius of 30 km). It’s a regular affair too, because the milk is taken from the farm 3x a week, so it's ultra-fresh!

Thanks to these local producers producing milk of remarkable quality, the cheese dairy is able to offer a wide range of organic dairy products; steamed organic yoghurts, brewed organic yoghurts, raw milk cheeses, fromage frais, fresh cream and butter.

The organic living "steamed" type yoghurt is a yoghurt whose milk, after being pasteurised, is combined with ferments and immediately packaged. Fermentation takes place in the yoghurt pot and it contains no preservatives or thickeners.

Organic raw milk harvested on farms is also used to make soft cheeses and pressed cheeses with a natural rind.

The packaging of organic yoghurt is made of 50% less plastic than standard packaging. The plastic is reinforced by a corset made of recyclable cardboard. You can separate the two components and recycle them in their respective bags.

Thanks to a modern technique applied to traditional methods, FROMAGERIE DES ARDENNES develops organic products with exceptional gustatory qualities, as shown by the many prizes it has won, namely; Coq de Cristal at the Libramont agricultural fair, gold medals at the Château d'Harzé Belgian cheese competition, and gold and silver medals at the Fromawall competition in Namur, etc.

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